I am society

Be happy. Be thin. Be smart. Be successful. Go after your dreams. Be ambitious. Straight hair is in. You’re not blond? Dye your hair. Shave your legs! Shave everything! Study. Be the best. You are too trustful. Don’t trust men. Don’t trust women. Don’t trust people. Get straight As or life will be hard on you. Be a doctor. Be a lawyer. Be a business woman. Do not stay home. Home is for losers. Go out at night. Drink! Don’t drink! Wear something decent. That dress is too short. That dress is too long. Why so much makeup. Why aren’t you wearing makeup. Be thin! Be happy! Find a great job! Earn money! Don’t get married. You aren’t married yet? Oh, poor her, she got married. Oh, look at her, she’s still single at THAT age. Aren’t you the best yet? You went to THAT college? You are a failure. You are a loser. Why are you sad all the time? Why are you depressed? Get out of bed. Go live your life! Stop sleeping all day. You are disgrace. I had so many hopes and dreams for you. You are getting so fat. You are getting so thin. Those clothes look awful. Those clothes look great. You are a slut. Gosh, you are a prude. Be quiet. Fight! Hey, don’t give up. Why are you giving up? Life’s great! Come back here! Listen to me. I always know what’s best for you. You are just a girl. Gosh, you are already a grown woman, pull yourself together. Stop crying. Crying is for losers. Smile. BE FUCKING HAPPY. I’m Society and I always know what is best for you so you’d better listen to me. I am you.