View of my father’s hospital room. Photo taken by my mother as the sun was rising. Art runs in the family. 


Daily city excursion

Some city hidden gems


The sky today and yesterday. Mind-blowing. No filter was used.



Light x Darkness

Light x Darkness

This picture was taken on a particularly dark road in my city. There was just this tiny lamp at the end of the street. When I took this photo I was waiting for a darker image, an eerie feeling of doom. But what I got instead was that tiny light shining brightly in the background. It blew me away.

It left me with a feeling of “The Truth is Out There”.

The French Garden – A Hydrobiological Project

The French Garden - A Hydrobiological Project

This is another one of Willian Fagiolo’s brilliant projects. It is the project of a hydrobiological station, and it was inspired by the French gardens. If you are interested in knowing more about his projects, you can contact me.

For more information, you can find @willianfagiolo on twitter.

His personal tumblr is:

He can also be found on Linkedin:

I’ll be posting his other projects and ideas on my blog as well.

Please, let me know what you think!

The despair

The despair

There is some amazing graffiti work in my town. This is one of them. It gives me shivers every time I pass by it. I don’t know who the woman is, she just happened to be walking by. She adds even more drama to the picture. Unfortunately, I also don’t know who the artist is. Graffiti artists are usually anonymous. I wish I could hug whoever did this.