Once upon a time, there was a tiny little place which could hardly be seen from space. From afar it was beautifully blue. Once you came closer you could see lines cutting across lands, green pastures, deserts, dense forests, rivers and oceans. Then people began to appear. Tiny little creatures of different shapes and colors and sizes. The wonders never ceased. Those people could speak and think! They could build and create many wondrous things. However, as you got closer and closer, you realized that it was hard for them to co-exist. 
While one place seemed peaceful and prosper, some were like that at the cost of another. While nature seemed to find its balance, human beings were never at ease. Surely they could evolve as they slowly were. Unfortunately, though, the desire for power still prevailed over any other. Compassion and collaboration were always at war against overwhelming individuality and competition. No, they were not essentially bad if taken into moderate doses. But oh boy did they have ammunition both to enlighten as well as deceive. They could design the world as they pleased. It could be for everyone’s avail, though most prefer to live in niches and therefore keep to themselves what they could give. 

What is left to ponder is how long people will live destroying all they have created and what nature keeps giving them as precious gifts. I, for one thing, foresee a lot of disasters ahead. On the other hand, so many are willing to make this tiny planet work that there might be hope where greed is unfold. 

Perhaps, who knows. 


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