Pokemon Photo Go

When Pokemon was out in Brazil I was already in college, so all I knew about it was the iconic image Pikachu, the yellow rabbit (?) with thunderbolt tail and red cheeks, which was extremely cute but not enough to make me watch the cartoon. Fast forward and I remember playing Pokemon on my DS and having fun catching all those strange little creatures that evolved to become even weirder. To be quite honest, the only one I still remember the name is Pikachu. But I thought the game as well as its creatures were extremely cute, hence while I started playing Pokemon GO.

The most fun part about Pokemon GO for me is the possibility of taking unusual pictures of them all around town. So here are a few I have been taking when they grace me with their presence. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

PS: If you want to use any of them, could you please ask for permission first?

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