WOOLF WOOLF – The Story of the Dog Named Woolf


Woolf! Woolf!

There he came running, the dog who wanted to be a wolf.

He tried looking menacing, but overall he just looked cute and kind of funny.

His name was wolf and he wanted to be wild.

But at his owner’s whistle he became tame and mild.

Woolf! Woolf! He barked as he ran.

‘I will become a wolf!’

And then his owner sang, ‘Woolf, come here. Woolf, who’s a good boy?’

Woolf barked happily and came running, ‘Woolf! Woolf!’ He was a good boy.

But Woolf was also a wolf. Deep down. Very very deep down.

And who said a wolf could not be lovely, and cute and mild?

So Woolf ran happily and went for a walk with his owner.

‘Let’s go, pal,’ said the woman.

And Woolf learned that his owner was his pal, and she ran and barked and rolled on the ground.

They were human and dog with a wolf spirit.

So they smiled at each other, and played, and ran free in the park.

Woolf! Woolf!

It was a lovely day to be a dog named Woolf.


Illustration and story by Alice Fagiolo


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