Landscape almost done

This stage of the project is supposed to be about planning a landscape for my wisdom street. I’m a little behind schedule because life’s been in the way, but this is what I’ve had so far: Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, The Shire and Ancient Greece.  



Some doodles and attempts to draw

I have decided to share some of my creations for 53 Paper. Here is the link: 

I would appreciate some feedback. 



The blues just lost its King

We lost the king of blues, one of the most powerful male voices of a style of music which is both soothing and haunting, depending on your mood. As many great artists before him, he leaves us with an unprecedented discography full of hits and wonders.

Farewell to thee, B.B. King. Guitars will gently weep today in your honour. In this souless world, your soul will be missed the most. Thank you for touching so many hearts with your songs.

Rest in peace, King.