Pure Imagination

Greetings! I haven’t written for a long time. 2014 was a very difficult year, and for many times I saw myself struggling with my job, with myself, with my own limitations and the world. It was a crappy year for the world as a whole… But I’ve decided to keep focusing on the good even when the bad is so strong and powerful. And the good thing is: I’m still here, my family is here, my boyfriend is always a huge source of strenght… There is the bad, but there’s also the good. Maybe it’s because we’re so close to Christmas… I don’t know. But something in me wants to fly away, to be open to new things.

So I’ve decided to start a Pure Imagination project in order to get to know myself better and recover my hopes and dreams.

For that I am using the song Pure Imagination, from the movie The Chocolate Factory, hoping Willy Wonka will guide and inspire me. Mostly, my source of inspiration and guideline will be Keri Smith’s ‘The Imaginary World of…’ and Adam J. Kurtz’s ‘1 Page at a Time’. I have chosen my weapons. Now off to battle!

I’ll be documenting my findings here. So if you want to come along, you are welcome to join in!

Hopefully I’ll find my way to my biggest dream, which is to become a writer.




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