The church door

The church door

Religion and I have a love/hate relationship, but I am fascinated with churches, particularly the Catholic ones. I can always find peace in them. It is a sacred place for me and a haven to my wounded soul. I view churches as healing places. I like the solitude. I love the architecture. Mostly, I like the fact that when you are there, you might be talking to God or Saints or Jesus, but the truth is that you are talking to yourself. It’s you and your soul finding solace in each other. Don’t ask me why I feel better talking to myself in a church than in any other place. I cannot explain it. I don’t care for reasonable explanations as well. What matters to me is that inside I can find peace.

The church in the picture is one that I used to go a lot to when I first started having panic attacks, and I left a lot of tears and sadness in there. But I always came out feeling stronger. Isn’t that what matters most in the end?


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