While my guitar gently weeps

This is a Beatles’ song, and one that speaks to my heart the most. It is said that George Harrison wrote it while on vacation at his parents’ home. He just opened a book and the first words he saw were ‘gently weeps’. Thus the song was born. Funny to think that John and Paul didn’t like it, or at least that’s what the gossip says. A clash of brilliant minds? Jealousy? After all, George is not only the songwriter, but the singer in this one. For me, it’s one of their best, and they have many.

In 2010 Santana made his own passionate Latin version of it with India Arie as a guest vocalist. Her voice is smooth and emotional, and it brought the song such passion that I find it impossible not to love it. This is the version I’ve chosen to share with all of you. Hope you like it.


2 thoughts on “While my guitar gently weeps

  1. This is the one of my Beatles’ favorite song. Do you know that the lead guitar solo in the original version was not played by any of the Beatles member? It was played by Eric Clapton, but he was not formally credited in the album. In a concert dedicated to George Harrison, Clapton sang and played it.


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