The older, the wiser (?)

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I am 35 years old today. Looking back – and forward – I can summary my life in one word: books. I’ve spent most of it engrossed in books, books and more books, and I’ll probably spent the rest of it in them. A world of my own, as Alice in Wonderland once was. Is it the curse of the name? I do not know.

I clearly remember wanting to be a writer from the age of 7 or 8, when I filled a whole notebook I had with poems. Unfortunately, I do not know where said – or sad (?) – notebook is… It is probably hidden in some old box gathering dust and mold. And I cannot help comparing it to my dreams of becoming a writer… I had dreams and songs to sing, that unfortunately were postponed and thrown aside by many reasons, mostly by my own troubled mind as I grew up. They’ve never been forgotten, though. They’ve always remained here.

2015 has been the year I’ve decided to open that moldy box of dreams and confront many of my fears. Thus this blog was born. A means to a winding road. As I figure out my mind and troubles, a book is slowly being written. I have started my Imaginary Project precisely to help me unleash my imagination, and so far it has been working. It is a romance between King Arthur and Lancelot. I have no idea if it will ever be read or liked. All I know is I am committed to seeing it through the end.

I do not know where my life will lead me, or the paths I will find myself walking on. I do know I want to make this happen for me.

Today I have finished the landscape planning of my imaginary world, and I am proud of my crappy doodles. Because if there is something I have learnt in these 35 years is that I need to start being more proud of myself and my accomplishments even if they are far and few. Learning to live with yourself and loving yourself, that is what life has been all about. And it does say something that I have finished my landscape today, that at least I haven’t given up yet.

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20 misused English words that make smart people look silly

Alice Fagiolo:


Originally posted on Quartz:

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We’re all tempted to use words that we’re not too familiar with. If this were the only problem, I wouldn’t have much to write about. That’s because we’re cautious with words we’re unsure of and, thus, they don’t create much of an issue for us. It’s the words that we think we’re using correctly that wreak the most havoc. We throw them around in meetings, e-mails and important documents (such as resumes and client reports), and they land, like fingernails across a chalkboard, on everyone who has to hear or read them. We’re all guilty of this from time to time, myself included.

When I write, I hire an editor who is an expert in grammar to review my articles before I post them online. It’s bad enough to have a roomful of people witness your blunder—it’s something else entirely to stumble…

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Landscape almost done

This stage of the project is supposed to be about planning a landscape for my wisdom street. I’m a little behind schedule because life’s been in the way, but this is what I’ve had so far: Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, The Shire and Ancient Greece.  


Some doodles and attempts to draw

I have decided to share some of my creations for 53 Paper. Here is the link: 

I would appreciate some feedback. 



The blues just lost its King

We lost the king of blues, one of the most powerful male voices of a style of music which is both soothing and haunting, depending on your mood. As many great artists before him, he leaves us with an unprecedented discography full of hits and wonders.

Farewell to thee, B.B. King. Guitars will gently weep today in your honour. In this souless world, your soul will be missed the most. Thank you for touching so many hearts with your songs.

Rest in peace, King.

My 2 cents on the matter

Men and women aren’t equal, and this is not a bad thing. Through our differences we can thrive and grow as a society. Men are also different from other men, and women are not all the same. Rights cannot always be equal, and laws are not always right. But we, as humans, have laws to make things right and more equal when things are so obviously unequal. 

Opportunities, however, must always be equal for everyone. So we will keep on fighting for that. 

And those were my 2 cents on a day created to make us realise exactly that. 

Books to read! 

The pile of books to read in 2015 just keeps on growing! ❤️